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Grunge – protest against mainstream

Although most of the world was unaware of Grunge before 1991, it had actually begun 10 years earlier. Green River vocalist, Mark Arm, is the first person credited with using the term, which went on to become the label of a genre. » Read more..

Classic Rock

Classic Rock to Now

Classic rock is a format used on the radio which came about from AOR (album orientated rock), a layout of music used in the1980s. In the US, Classic Rock is classed as the type of rock music that was created and produced anywhere from 1960 to the late ‘80s, mostly centring on the hard rock category that jumped in fame sometime in the ‘70s. While at the time, there were many bands that fell into this music category, there are few of these bands that are still in the public eye. » Read more..

The History of Rock Music

How can you define rock music? It is vintage and contemporary, melodic and discordant, angry and beautiful. Among these musical oxymorons is a genre that continues to defy explanation; a genre that refuses to be pigeon-holed into either this or that. What exactly defines a rock song? Does it have to be an adrenaline fuelled, angst-ridden-two-minute-assault on the ears like Blur’s anthemic Song 2 or a slow, mercury-rising crescendo such as the seventies epic Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. » Read more..