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Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Achieves Total World Domination

Heavy metal has been pounding eardrums around the world since the back end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies. Pioneering UK heavy metal bands included Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zepplin while the USA produced Alice Cooper and the metal godfather himself, Jimi Hendrix. Since then, heavy metal has gone for total world domination and everywhere from Japan to Chile harbours metal fans. » Read more..

Classic Rock

Classic Rock to Now

Classic rock is a format used on the radio which came about from AOR (album orientated rock), a layout of music used in the1980s. In the US, Classic Rock is classed as the type of rock music that was created and produced anywhere from 1960 to the late ‘80s, mostly centring on the hard rock category that jumped in fame sometime in the ‘70s. While at the time, there were many bands that fell into this music category, there are few of these bands that are still in the public eye. » Read more..

Rock and Roll

A Brief Overview of Rock and Roll

As a style of music, Rock and Roll – commonly referred to as Rock’n’Roll – was developed in the USA around the early 1950s. It combined influences of African American music, notably blues and jazz, adding a heavier background beat. Early Rock and Roll artists include Chuck Berry and Bill Haley & his Comets. From the music, a new genre began to emerge, producing a Rock and Roll style of attitude and fashion. » Read more..