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Classic Rock to Now

Classic rock is a format used on the radio which came about from AOR (album orientated rock), a layout of music used in the1980s. In the US, Classic Rock is classed as the type of rock music that was created and produced anywhere from 1960 to the late ‘80s, mostly centring on the hard rock category that jumped in fame sometime in the ‘70s. While at the time, there were many bands that fell into this music category, there are few of these bands that are still in the public eye.

Classic Rock is mostly listended to by aging hard rockers

Classic Rock is mostly listended to by aging hard rockers

The current most well-known bands that fall into this category are the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the masters themselves, Led Zeppelin. Sadly, the only people who tend to listen to these bands anymore are generally adults trying desperately to reclaim their youth, and teenagers who have decided to make an attempt to be cool by listening to classic rock bands that are outdated. Usually, in an effort to prove they are ‘too cool for school’.

When it comes to Classic Rock music, while there are still people that listen to it, these bands aren’t making nearly as much money as they did. The Rolling Stones for example, are considered legends and classics of their own time, but while each of their tours is still sold out, they are hardly releasing any new material. Classic rock is dying out, even though it was seen as quality music back in its day.

Nowadays, people prefer many forms of music over classic rock, such as Metal, Indie, Grunge and new age rock. Bands like Simple Plan, Marianas Trench and Hedley are taking over the rock scene, having the sold out concerts, and in time will become what our grandchildren see as classic rock. Music is constantly changing, and classic rock is no different.

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